About the Studio

Conveniently located outside of Scranton, PA, The Music Studio is home to 40 piano students of all ages. Students are encouraged, but not required, to perform in both formal and informal recitals; participate in the annual National Guild of Piano Teachers Auditions; perform in the community and for local retirement and nursing facilities; and audition for Carnegie and Kirby Center recital opportunities.

With seating for about 30 guests, The Music Studio has been the venue for many student "coffeehouse" recitals where students are invited to sing, play guitar, and perform piano pieces "in progress." It is also a comfortable setting for the younger students to make their debut performance in front of supportive family and friends.

In addition to student performances The Studio is the home of the Salon Concert Series, funded through a Lackawanna County Arts and Cultural Grant. In the past two years, The Music Studio has hosted guest artists from as far away as Paris and Oregon. We've had audiences of up to 50 people for chamber music recitals, electronic and guitar improvisation, jazz piano, violin and piano duo, and even Theremin recitals. All of the events are open to the public and many are free of charge. The audience enjoys an up-close and personal musical experience as well as the opportunity to spend time talking and socializing with the performers.

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